sponsorships for education

There are several ways you can give to help educate the children and youth of South Sudan. You can sponsor a primary child (K-8) on this website's GIVE page. You may also prefer to sponsor one of our older students in secondary education or Bible School. If you prefer to give through the IPHC People to People location project, you may choose that link  as you scroll down. 

primary school sponsorship

The Hope4SouthSudan Primary School is on a mission to reduce the illiteracy rate which is one of  the highest in the world. The school, located on our Hope4Sudan compound in Kapoeta,  offers grades K-8. Not only do these students benefit from one of the top-rated schools, they are fed a hot lunch each day and receive free healthcare as well. These sponsorships help to cover the costs involved in offering these services.

Click here or on the Give link on the navigation bar and choose the desired fund from the drop-down list.



When students finish grade 8 at Hope4SSudan Primary School, they  must then continue their education at the local Kapoeta secondary school or go to a private secondary school. The costs of these schools can be out of reach for a large majority of students. Through a student sponsorship, you have the opportunity to fund the continuing education of one of these selected students.

Some of our secondary students go to neighboring Kenya for secondary school and/or Bible college. Many of them are able to begin Bible courses while taking secondary classes. These are the students who will play a vital role in taking the gospel message back to their villages as they become leaders and/or pastors.

Click here or on the Give link on the navigation bar and choose the desired fund from the drop-down list.

people to people

Hope4Sudan also partners with People to People Ministries to provide feeding & child sponsorship programs. Because of the transient nature of the Toposa tribal group, the sponsorship is for the location which means you won't be given the name of a specific student. However, you can be assured that you donation will be used to help educate, feed, and provide medical assistance to a H4S  student at our primary school. Click here to go to Hope4Sudan's Kapoeta Location page with People to People.