As individuals commit their lives to Christ, we have been instructed to disciple them. New converts are discipled in both individual and group settings designed to increase the listener's knowledge and to lead them to personal discovery. While a variety of methods have been used in South Sudan, the desired end result is the same. Compass is designed to be that avenue of in-depth discipleship to train and guide with greater intensity. Our prayer is that many of these national believers will be called as pastors, teachers, missionaries, and indigenous leaders of the South Sudanese church. Another outreach ministry, Bloom, was birthed in Kenya by missionary Latoya McClerkin. Bloom is designed to assist parents of handicapped children by providing training and special days of activities. They hope to begin this ministry on the Kapoeta compound in the near future. To learn more about these outreach ministries, keep scrolling. 

what is compass?

Church planting has proven very difficult because of the lack of trained pastors and laymen in South Sudan. Even if they’re blessed enough to find one, it’s almost impossible for a local congregation to support a good pastor due to extreme poverty. Compass is designed to help tackle this issue by not only training young men for church leadership, but by helping to establish them in micro businesses which will support them as they return home to serve the local church.

Because the Hope4Sudan graduates are passionate about working in the local church, Compass also focuses much time and energy on imparting the necessary skills to effectively lead a congregation. Experienced pastors and church leaders teach practical classes such as Pastoral Care and Church Administration.

Compass south sudan

Our ministry is based in Kapoeta, South Sudan, a region known as Toposaland. Consequently, ministry efforts are primarily geared towards the Toposa tribe. For the last several decades, this people group has been exploited in almost every way imaginable. For example, to this day, the tribesmen own and operate less than 5% of the shops and businesses in their own land. We strongly feel the Lord wants to use Compass to help change these statistics. We’ve seen Him using Hope4Sudan’s ministry to assist locals in the areas of healthcare, education, and church planting over the last ten years. Our prayer is that God will now use Compass to equip locals to be both passionate church leaders and successful businessmen in their homeland.

compass kenya

Due to the instability of life and politics in South Sudan, many school-age students are fleeing to neighboring countries where they can pursue their studies in a more conducive environment. Boarding schools in nations such as Kenya and Uganda offer students a high school education without the looming threats of civil war, economic crisis, starvation, and the lack of basic necessities. Many of our own Hope4Sudan Primary School graduates have left the area for this very reason. Their desire, however, is to return to their people after earning their diplomas and/or degrees. As we eagerly await their return, we want to do our part in preparing them to make the biggest impact possible on their nation and the community around them.

Compass, a new ministry birthed out of Hope4Sudan, launched in May of 2018. It focuses on the Hope4Sudan (and other S. Sudanese) students who are currently studying in Eldoret, Kenya. Clearly, this ministry is designed to produce laborers for the harvest of souls in South Sudan. However, another significant goal is to train individuals in the skills necessary for opening and operating successful micro businesses in their homeland. Classes such as Business Administration and Bookkeeping are offered to the students, with experienced teachers and business people offering mentorship and support.


Latoya McClerkin has a heart for ministry to those with special needs. She has served as a volunteer teacher at Eldoret Special Needs School. The Lord put on her heart to organize an outdoor event to draw special needs families together and offer them fun activities, helpful information, and meaningful support.

In May of 2018, that vision was fulfilled with the first “Bloom Event.” Families gathered on the campus of East Africa Bible College in Eldoret, Kenya, to enjoy activities such as painting, a jumping castle, music, and dance. They were given refreshment not only for the body, but also for the soul.

Bloom is an extension of Hope4Sudan’s Compass ministry and was launched in Kenya as a pilot program. The plan is to eventually take Bloom to South Sudan where children with disabilities are socially shunned and often hidden away, chained to beds, and sometimes killed. Bloom is destined to make a spiritual impact on these families.