Hope4Sudan's mission is to introduce the people of South Sudan to Jesus Christ and to disciple them to follow Him. This is accomplished in various settings and ministries such as the church, the school classroom, drama ministry, and activities. While many of these ministries happen on Hope4Sudan's compound, we also reach out to neighboring villages by providing water wells, mobile medical clinics, and special evangelistic outreach events. The hope is that the students who have been through our school and later attend and graduate Bible school will return with a passion for winning the lost among their own tribal villages. As they begin to evangelize their local villages, new churches are planted, and those churches start producing new converts to be discipled. We are believing God for an increase in the harvest of souls!

church planting

As more and more students grow up in the faith, they become key players in establishing churches in the surrounding villages and towns. The Jesus Film has become a great evangelism tool. With just a truck, a sheet, and a projector, the villagers are introduced to the man who gave His life for them. Mobile medical clinics are sent to some of these villages when teams come from abroad, and each patient is prayed over and told about the Great Physician. Providing a water well for a community is often a forerunner of a church building itself. The resulting church becomes a beacon of hope to an impoverished community. The goal is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people. 

growing churches

The church on the compound in Kapoeta, South Sudan, with an attendance of about 220, has been the catalyst for evangelizing the Toposa villages. Its growth has been phenomenal, and it has become a great model for new church plants. There have been two new churches planted in other communities making it easier for villagers to attend church without walking long distances. Each of these two new churches has an attendance of about 150 each week. We look forward to future plants as pastors and leaders are called, trained, and sent out.