Hope4Sudan's mission is to introduce the people of South Sudan to Jesus Christ and to disciple them to follow Him. This is accomplished in various settings and ministries such as the church, the school classroom, drama ministry, and activities. While many of these ministries happen on Hope4Sudan's compound, we also reach out to neighboring villages by providing water wells, mobile medical clinics, and special evangelistic outreach events. The Jesus Film has become a great evangelism tool. With just a truck, a sheet, and a projector, the villagers are introduced to the man who gave His life for them. The hope is that the students who have been through our school and later attend and graduate Bible school will return with a passion for winning the lost among their own tribal villages. As they evangelize their local villages and teams take medical clinics to the villages, new churches are planted which produce new converts to be discipled. We are believing God for an increase in the harvest of souls!

church planting

Over the past several years, our church on the compound in Kapoeta, South Sudan, has been busting at the seams, even after a new building was erected in 2017. After much prayer and guidance, God has given us a new strategy.  The compound church is now called Hope Church Kapoeta, and our new strategy calls for us to replicate this mother church model in as many villages as possible. This allows them to have a sense of ownership and responsibility and it means a shorter travel distance for them. We currently have seven satellite churches which are in various stages of development. Each church will carry the name of Hope Church using the new logo and will bear the name of the village or town. Each church becomes a beacon of hope to a community in need of hope through Christ. 

Hope Church Strategy

Our Hope Church strategy calls for seven completed satellite churches by mid-to-late 2023. Most of these churches are complete and the others are in varying stages of development. Following is a synopsis of the mother church and each satellite Hope Church. Some still have funding needs.

  • Hope Church KapoetaThis is our mother church located on the Hope4Sudan compound in Kapoeta, South Sudan. The compound also has a clinic and primary school.
  • Hope Church JubaPastor John Andungosi and three H4S students (who are attending school there) are still in the planting stage. They have 20 members and need $15,000 for land and a church building.
  • Hope Church ToritThree leaders from Kapoeta were sent to Torit to revitalize this church and compound. After being closed several years because of the war, it has been restored. The church leaders are now focusing on rebuilding the congregation. We need funds to build a fence around the compound and the project will be complete.
  • Hope Church ParingaThis 50-member church is led by Samuel. We are currently waiting for the government to issue land for the building. Once that is done, we will raise funds to start a building. 
  • Hope Church Kaikunyng– Pastor Jeremiah has 150 members in this village church. An open-air church building was completed earlier this year. This type church is typical in South Sudan. The next step is to add walls, a floor, and a storage building.
  • Hope Church Kalipusi–Our missionary, Gregory McClerkin, oversees this congregation of 120. We have received funds to dig a well and to start erecting an open-air building.
  • Hope Church Narus–Pastor Isaiah Bwala has an existing church with 30 persons. It is open and running well. 
  • Hope Church Naakwa–Pastor Daniel is leading the church planting effort iin this village. We have property there and have been holding medical clinics at this location when teams come from the U.S. Funds are needed for this site as we begin making plans for its development.