feeding programs

Because drought, starvation, and malnutrition are serious problems in South Sudan, Hope4Sudan is committed to feeding more than350 students and adults five days per week.  Most of these are primarily children who attend the school, but a few adults are fed as well.

Support for this feeding program comes from donations and food sponsorships which are available at only $25/month. There are no office overhead costs deducted, so 100% of your donation is used for the feeding ministry. However, the credit card company does charge us a 3% fee that we must deduct before sending it on. There is also a fee of 1% for an ACH donation. During your "check-out" process you can choose to cover that applicable fee allowing the entire amount to go for feeding.

The options on the GIVE form will allow you to choose the fund (in this case the "feeding program sponsorship") and enter any amount that you would like to give. You can choose between the one-time gift tab, or you can choose to make it a recurring gift. You can choose an end-date or set it be indefinite.